Returnable Packaging and Reusable Containers for Every Shipping Need

PolyFlex Products designs and produces custom returnable packaging, trays and pallets that will keep your products safe during travel. Our extensive experience in developing our products helps us understand the causes of product damage when shipped and how to prevent it from happening. This knowledge has been developed from shipping everything from light components to fully dressed engines.

Our returnable and reusable containers are made with thermoforming and injection molding processes, making them stronger and lighter than most other packaging solutions. Our process uses state of the art technology, which helps us to keep costs lower for our clients. With our development team’s knowledge of discovering custom solutions, you can be sure that we at PolyFlex will find the right product for you.

Our custom solutions are the best in the business for protecting your parts and valuable products wherever they are shipped in the world. The precision and quality by which we craft every returnable and reusable container is unmatched. If you would like to see examples of some of our past projects, check out the photo gallery below, or click on the case study to see how we have solved our customers packaging problems.

Case Study: Returnable Packaging- Engine Rack Vibration Dampening Puck

Returnable racks for shipping fully assembled engines from the OEM’s engine plants to the assembly plants. The racks must protect the parts and keep the engines nested in the racks during the transportation process.

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Case Study: Returnable Industry-Standard Size Totes With Snap-In Dunnage

FlexTote™, a new series of patented totes from PolyFlex with snap-in custom dunnage and larger interior space, helped an Automotive OEM reduce shipping costs, solve ergonomic issues, increase wash cycle efficiencies and reduce warehouse space requirements. In addition, when the program ends the totes will be reused by simply removing and recycling the snap-in dunnage leaving them ready to accept new dunnage for new programs.

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