Custom Engineered Dunnage Ready to Ship

PolyFlex Products produces dunnage bars and pods for racks from a variety of materials and processes such as cast urethane, foam grade urethane, injection molding, and thermoforming. We maintain an extensive inventory of standard rack dunnage including: brush rubber, comb rubber, cone dunnage, and flat bar. If standard products will not solve the problem then our engineering team can develop a custom application that will be sure to capture your product safely for transport.

Dunnage bars and pods fit between the parts in a rack or container that is being shipped. By creating separation between parts and contouring to the unique design of every part we ensure that the end product will arrive safely at the final destination.  With a vast array of raw material options to choose from, PolyFlex Products can provide a solution for any problem.

If you’re having problems with figuring out how to transport your products safely, you can count on our product development team to discover a perfect solution for you. Our product development team’s process takes you along every step of the way to show you not only what your solution is, but how our team comes to the final answer as well.

Shipping Rack: Truck Bumper Dunnage

Thermoset urethane vibration dampening boots eliminated the need for two nesting posts and the damaging effects of dislodged bumpers during transit while reducing labor costs for unloading and providing the automotive OEM with $550,000.00 in dunnage savings.

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