Expendable Packaging Over Returnable Packaging

In situations where returnable packaging doesn’t fit, PolyFlex Products also offers the option of expendable packaging for your shipping needs. Sometimes distance can make returning empty reusable trays a hassle, or service parts distributors fill shipments with special orders, and you can’t return the packaging. So, PolyFlex Products can provide you with expendable packaging to take care of those unique situations.

However, just because packaging may be made to be expendable does not mean that it loses effectiveness. Expendable packaging safely protects your products just as well as our returnable packaging but in a low cost, convenient, and eco-friendly way. Our design team works with you to figure out what the best answer is for your products, and what type of custom packaging works better than others so you can safely ship your products and easily recycle the packaging afterword.

The process by which our product development team discovers personalized solutions is an in-depth, step-by-step system to make sure we design what you need. From designing to manufacturing, our team looks at your problem in detail and produces the best expendable, custom molded product to protect your parts. No matter the problem, our product development team is up to the challenge.

PolyFlex Products’ expendable packaging solutions are:

  • Cost effective
  • More environmentally-friendly than expanded polystyrene blocks
  • Recyclable
  • Better protection for your products

Case Study: Free Floating Dunnage: Transmission Pack

PolyFlex® engineered free-floating dunnage inside commercially available collapsible plastic bins for housing and shipping a wide range of finished transmissions to assembly plants all over the globe saving the automotive manufacturer over $17 million during the life of the program.

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