Bringing proven automotive product protection experience to the military and its suppliers

Our ability to meet MIL-SPEC’s and MIL-STD’s makes PolyFlex a strong partner to the military and prime contractors seeking a team player to meet the strict delivery, first article testing, durability, lightweighting, and non-disrupted supply chain requirements of the military.

From design, engineering, material development, and prototyping to first article testing and manufacturing, we have the experience to manufacture product protection solutions to meet long shelf life and harsh environmental requirements throughout the world.

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    Unmatched Speed to Market

    The military depends on it, so you better get it to them.

    When more than your bottom line is at stake, the answer is PolyFlex. We quickly deploy custom polymer parts and product protection to customers with unmatched speed for smoother production efficiency.

    Need to meet strict delivery deadlines?
    Our ability to meet Mil-SPEC’s and Mil-STD’s, first article testing, and non-disrupted supply chain requirements makes us military-ready.

    Dunnage and Parts Solutions

    • Automated pallets
    • Automated totes
    • Automated trays
    • Automation components
    • Conveyor components
    • Custom formed plastic
    • Custom molded dunnage
    • Custom packaging for light to heavy components
    • Dunnage trays
    • Durable containers
    • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) part protection
    • Extreme, harsh environment dunnage
    • Glass and ceramic packaging
    • High volume and short production run dunnage
    • Injection-molded trays
    • Innovative polymer solutions
    • Integrated logistic packaging
    • Large parts dunnage
    • Lightweight plastics
    • Long shelf-life dunnage
    • Material handling & solutions
    • Molded parts
    • Part pallets
    • Part production dunnage
    • Powertrain component dunnage
    • Protection for automated manufacturing carriers
    • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection
    • Rapid prototyping polymers
    • Recyclable packaging
    • Robotic components
    • Robotic pallets
    • Robotic trays
    • Shipping racks
    • Storage pallets
    • Thermoformed trays
    • Tubs, pallets & racks
    • Warehouse pallet storage trays
    • Warehouse trays
    • Weather-resistant packaging

    Rapid Response Team

    Emergency Support

    While you can’t predict when automated warehouse systems or manufacturing flows will be interrupted, you can be assured that the PolyFlex Products Rapid Response Team is ready to go in an emergency. From design and engineering through manufacturing and testing, we deliver solutions quickly – anytime, anywhere.

    Contact the Rapid Response Team at RapidResponse@polyflexpro.com

    Quality Certification & Registrations

    • Cage 4B4U0
    • NAICS 326150, 326199, 325212
    • DUNS 137822024
    • ISO 9001-2015 Certification