PolyFlex Products Provides Short Run Injection Molding and More

PolyFlex Products manufactures highly-effective solutions for material handling, including short run injection molding, dunnage engineering and more. It is our shared vision to utilize new technology and build upon the development of custom solutions. Newer technology allows us at PolyFlex Products to also be eco-friendlier, as our newer machines use less energy. With our product development team, we work with you to do whatever we need to find the right answer to your problem. The “Flex” in our logo is emphasized to represent our willingness to respond to the active changes in our industry.

Our capabilities include:

  • Design – Autocad, Solidworks, SDRC, Catia
  • Prototype – SLS, SLA and Cast Urethane
  • Tooling – Cast, Compression, and Injection Molds
  • Manufacturing
    • Cast Solid Elastomer Urethane
    • Foamed Urethane
    • Thermoset Urethane
    • Thermoplastic Injection
    • Structural Foam / Low Pressure Injection