PolyFlex Products Takes Custom Packaging Further

PolyFlex Products designs all its custom packaging products with a desire to deliver custom solutions to clients’ problems through injection molding, urethane casting, and thermoforming. With a passion to design and engineer a product that will fit your needs, you can always count on us to work with you and create the perfect solution. Check out the links below to learn more about what PolyFlex Products is doing to guarantee client satisfaction.

About PolyFlex

PolyFlex Products brings innovative and effective solutions to custom packaging using injection molding, thermoforming and urethane molding processes. With a variety of capabilities and processes PolyFlex Products is guaranteed to have the answers you need.

Company Values

With a strong mission statement and list of core values, we at PolyFlex Products hold ourselves to a high standard when dealing with clients and their projects. With our focus on quality and efficiency, you won’t be disappointed that you chose PolyFlex Products.

Quality System

PolyFlex Products takes great pride in the services and products that we offer. We adhere to a quality system standard for our design and manufacture of injection molded, thermoformed and urethane solutions.


Partnering with some of the best teams in their area of expertise, PolyFlex Products makes sure that your products receive the professional attention that they deserve. If you’re looking for a company with experience who partners with accredited businesses, look no further than PolyFlex Products.


Need more information or a printable form to read over? Check our PolyFlex literature which will give you everything you need to know about our business, our processes, and our available services. Thanks to our global mindset and wish to be global friendly, our literature is offered in multiple languages.


Wish to see some of PolyFlex Products’ solutions and products first-hand? Check out some of our videos where we show you just what our material handling and manufacturing processes are all about.

Latest News

Wondering what PolyFlex Products is up to recently? Take a look through our articles on the latest news and projects that we have been working on. If you see anything you find interesting, share our article or contact us to learn more!