See the Solution Before We Make It

Polyflex Custom Design ServicesPolyFlex Products designs custom solutions to meet your material handling needs. Our engineers review your requirements and develop a clear project scope. Only after establishing a set of design criteria will we provide a concept and proposal.

The E-DRAWING is a valuable electronic 3-D template our clients can view to better visualize our end product. Clients can download the executable file to help explain our concepts to their associates. We utilize Solidworks and Catia 3D modeling.

Viewers can rotate the solid model concept file using the commands on the pull down menu, enabling our clients to view or show the model from many different angles.

The concept pictured is a custom tray designed to ship and process rocker arms. The tray must hold several different arms securely while they ship from the parts supplier to the assembly plant.

Polyflex Custom Design ServicesPolyflex Custom Design Services