About PolyFlex

About PolyFlex

We manufacture solutions for material handling and manufacturing process applications, including short run injection molding

Our team shares a vision and mission built upon the utilization of new technology in the development of custom solutions, such as short run injection molding. We emphasize the word "Flex" in our logo and our mission for we are a flexible company able to respond to the changing dynamics faced by industry.

Our capabilities include:

  • Design - Autocad, Solidworks, SDRC
  • Prototype - SLS, SLA and Cast Urethane
  • Tooling - Cast, Compression and Injection molds
  • Manufacturing
    • Cast Solid Elastomer Urethane
    • Foamed Urethane
    • Thermoset Rubber
    • Thermoset (Rubber and Urethane)
    • Thermoplastic Injection
    • Structural Foam / Low Pressure Injection


PolyFlex Products, Inc., Farmington Hills, MI
ThermoFlex, Morrison, TN

Our Partners

ADOMA Forming Solutions