Customer on this global programPolyFlex Products - Taking the Weight out of Shipping.11 new tray developments with robotic interface, launched  on timePolyFlex Products - Taking the Weight out of Shipping.

Welcome to PolyFlex Products

PolyFlex engineers and manufactures custom reusable trays, returnable containers and other packaging products for material handling and automated manufacturing process applications. Our vision is built upon utilizing new technology to develop custom solutions for you out of plastic, urethane or rubber molding processes.

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arrow In-Plant Reusable Processing Trays
arrow Racks and Rack Dunnage
arrow Expendable Packaging
arrow OEM Parts
arrow Design Services
arrow Prototyping
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arrow Quality System Standard
arrow Shipping Rack: Truck Bumper Dunnage
arrow Returnable Packaging: Crank Case Tray
arrow Returnable Packaging: Flywheel Tray
arrow Process Trays: Gear Wash Baskets
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